Personalized Healthcare Without Compromise

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Mid-Texas is a direct primary care (DPC) clinic that is dedicated to providing affordable, quality healthcare to our community. Based in Fredericksburg, TX, we prioritize more time with our patients in order to fully understand and achieve general wellness and healthcare goals. We’re here for you and your family – which is why we personalize our care for every patient, ensuring the best possible treatment at no extra cost.

Healthcare Reinvented

Forget hours in the waiting room, months for a doctor’s appointment, and overpriced insurance premiums. As a DPC clinic, we’re part of the movement reinventing healthcare and the doctor-patient relationship with affordable, transparent, and personalized care.

What Healthcare Was Meant To Be

Direct primary care puts patients first by drastically reducing care costs, eliminating red tape, and connecting patients directly with physicians. It’s an innovative alternative to fee-for-service insurance. Instead of incredibly expensive third-party insurance premiums, patients pay a monthly fee directly to their family physician.